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    Interview With An Audible Book Narrator

    Have you ever wanted to work as a narrator? Are you an author and you are wondering how to get your book onto platforms like Audible? Here are top tips and advice from an amazing narrator, today we are welcoming Heather Walker, known for her excellent work on the dark paranormal romance novels AWOKEN & ASCEND by Billie Jade Kermack, amongst others. 1. Do you pick projects with genres that you like to read? Heather – Personally, I don’t mind working in any genre, however, I do have a preference towards fiction (especially fantasy or supernatural) as I grew up reading those genres. 2. Is there any genres/projects that you…

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    Tips for Writing Romance

    So you want to write romance but you don’t know where to start? To Moist or not to Moist? That is the question. I will start this blog post by letting you all know there is a good possibility that this could get uncomfortable. Romance and Erotica are not genres to be messed with. They pack a punch and have the ability to make you swoon and cringe respectively. We have writing tips, tricks, and must-know terminology below. #1 The Words. From the list of terminology at the end of this post, read them each aloud and see how they make you feel. I have certain words that make me…

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