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5 Top Tips To Help With Writers Block


Writers block has floored even the most talented authors throughout the ages so here are 5 quick tips to get your creativity sparking again.

1. Choose a family member and write a short paragraph about who they might have been in a previous life.

Being a writer means stepping out of your comfort zone and that’s exactly what we are here to do. Don’t hold back, when you suddenly have Aunt Peggy fending off mountain Lions with a spatula whilst wearing an Abraham Lincoln costume you know you’ve got those juices flowing. Using someone you know as a reference means that it is easier to imagine the scene in your head, which in turn means you can concentrate on the rush of creativity.

2. Pick a chapter and give one of your characters a gun.

Now, this is one of my favourite prompts when I’m finding it a little hard to jump back into my writing. However, your work may take a very unusual turn if you write children’s literature. Writing this now the only thought that pops into mind is Winnie the poo going postal with an AK47, grenades filled with poisonous honey strapped to his chubby legs. Please remember you are not really introducing guns into the books of impressionable youths so there is no need to stress, this is a task that will solely live in your head, every writer has thought outside of the box, now it’s your turn. Stifling an idea only destroys your creativity.

3. Write down an item of clothing, a day of the week, a name, and a job title, this is where every writer can have fun, no matter what stage you are at in your journey.

Feel free to be as random as you want to be here, this character doesn’t have to live rent-free in your head forever; they are merely a guest. With your options chosen go and pick up the book closest to you, preferably one you have already finished. This character now lives in this book – how would you work them into the storyline? What would their presence add to the story? This trick helps you to approach an already existing work and add fresh new content. Even the best writer in the world would fail if they didn’t get inspiration from the work of others.

4. Place your protagonist into a scene from your favourite movie. A writer should be able to adapt to a new medium, practise makes perfect.

Landing your main character into the scene of a movie allows you to discover how they would react in unknown situations. If you predominantly write romance get that MC walking into the bloodiest scene of a Quentin Tarantino classic. The test of this is to take your character away from their ordinary world. Yes, they are a fictional character that you have created but they have room to grow, they have facets of their personality that you haven’t even discovered yet. You never know what idea might pop into your head and get you grabbing for a pen.

5. Imagine two fictional characters, they don’t have to be ones you have created. They don’t even have to be from the same book.

This is where the true writer in you has to visualise in great detail in order for this one to work. Now pick a song randomly from whatever music playlist you have. A song for each of the characters. Close your eyes and imagine them dancing to the track. This may not offer any creative enlightenment but it will definitely lift the frustration that comes when procrastination knocks at your front door.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. Pop by and let us know how they worked for you. If you haven’t already please subscribe with us for more great content.


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